Added conspicuous design prizes:


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Idea PrizeBusiness PrizeCulinary Arts PrizeReady-Made Prize
Cosmetic Products PrizeStrategy PrizeMultidisciplinary PrizeCore Resources Prize
Asian PrizeSuccessful PrizeHomeware PrizeAmerican Prize
Annual Awards PrizeGlobal Awards PrizeThe One and Only PrizeAdvanced Prize
Manufacturing Machinery PrizeJournal PrizeSocial and Behavioral Sciences PrizeCollege of Design Prize
Design Collage PrizeDesigners' PrizeAwards' PrizeHighlighting Prize
DesignPreis PrizeContests PrizeInspiring PrizeChallenge Prize
Professional Architect PrizeProfessional Designers' PrizeHuman Resources PrizeDiligence of Technology Prize
Pet Products PrizeExhibition PrizeBeauty Products PrizeMedical Goods Prize
Tradeshow Centers PrizeBrown Goods PrizeParamount PrizeDesign Submissions Prize
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